My name is Addie Thomas, for the purpose of this blog, I had to say that. Yet, as you navigate this website, you will find referral to self / labels only for the purpose of sharing stories which may assist in your journey. I suppose I should say that the name of this blog derives from the place of my birth, Saint Helena Island in the South Atlantic Ocean, a place of such unique beauty. 

The Girl from the Rock

Having lived abroad (in London mostly) from 1999 to 2020, circumstances have brought me back home but life continues to offer much opportunity for personal growth, replenishment and optimism.

Learning to navigate adversity has brought me a peace I never knew existed. We learn so many skills, but we often miss out on the crucial knowledge centred around resilience and healing. One incident can derail our composure and some never recover. We spend life ‘bleeding’ from the past and trying to understand why scenarios keep repeating themselves. We move home, jobs, relationships, cities always expecting to find ultimate peace in these decisions. Philosophers thousands of years ago understood that peace is internal. More people now than ever are beginning to realise that the divine does not lay in ‘things’. Even religion has at times created so much doctrine and form that we have lost sight of the inner workings of the spirit.

Conventional pressures, materialism and competition with others do not feature on this website, so you will not find me picture perfect. You will not find me endorsing egotism and by that, I mean depriving others of their truth in order to enhance my own standing and vice versa. I will share examples of the lessons I learnt because of the ego. Regardless of our social, intellectual or economic status, these labels and classifications are only as important as how we love and respect one another. Painful though the path has been, it brings me to this place, to you, to this gathering of like-spirited people.

Life is life, highs and lows. How we turn up for peaks and troughs determines our level of peace. I have made many mistakes in life, they were great teachers. Here, in this safe place of no judgement or ridicule I hope you will find as much healing as I did through my experiences. I ask that whatever you share, please share kindly. We are all imperfect. Truth has never been more important and sometimes, we have to face some very uncomfortable truths about ourselves. I spent life blaming other people and it took away my power, peace and ability to heal. 

Every moment of every day is an opportunity to practice growth. One moment missed, one opportunity missed. So I arrive at places of challenge knowing, “this too shall pass”, how I weather ‘the storm’ in that moment can add or detract from the value of life. How do we want to live life no matter external situations, is perhaps one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves.