Be the Watcher

Life is a vacation when we sit back from the ‘self’ and just observe without comment, criticism, reaction. It doesn’t mean we don’t do, it just means we are not driven by the unconscious voice / ego.

Buddha says “no self, no problem”.

When we let go of the constant personalisation of life and just allow life to ‘be’ and the laws of the Universe to do it’s thing, we reduce the stress. We ‘force’ life….if only we could allow it to flow as it is meant to. It doesn’t mean we don’t get up and go to work, it doesn’t mean we don’t go out and actively help in society…..

Who are we? We live in a cosmos soooooooo huge that we cannot even begin to understand the vastness of it all, its a giggle when we personalise our life so much with this in mind. Sure, part of a collective energy field but definitely not the most important part of this galaxy and any beyond it. *snigger*

We’re all on this planet scrimping for the scraps, worrying about the latest breakup and whether he would have preferred us as a redhead instead of a brunette and so stayed.

Not for a moment am I suggesting that compassion and understanding around pain and suffering isn’t important, but lets get things into perspective when we consider the struggles of children in war-torn countries, the pain of parents who bury their children, the starvation in countries ravaged by famine, the domestic violence and oppression in countries which still see women as second-class citizens etc …

I prefer to watch and listen these days, take pause and remember the face of egotism that says, “my world is more important than others”.

Oh and if anyone wants to purchase a copy of the ‘genius’ art attached to this blog, you can….its a limited addition. Imperfect, amateurish and child-like……. I love it. Is perfection important in the grand scheme of things?

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