“You don’t need more time before death, what you need is more depth of experience during the time you are given”. Michael A Singer

I learnt some time ago, the beauty of not being afraid of death. In the Western world we don’t want to talk about death, we are afraid of it, we build lives as if we will live forever. We spend so much time pursuing all the riches of life and we actually forget to live. Death is my best friend because it reminds me to live. Fully.

Time for a snowball fight Vienna?

One day, all that we have built up will no longer be ours, the job titles, the ceremonial gongs, the smart outfits, the nice cars, the big house…… one day these things will mean little or nothing. Our children may go off and make their own fortunes, they may not need all the materialism that we have worked devilishly to accumulate. They may say, “you worked hard but you were never there”. So many family photos tell a story, beautifully poised but only for show on Facebook, the rest of the time, the family is splintered in all directions. Important years missed. Years we will never get back.

Suggesting that because I don’t have children makes it easier may be a nice sentiment but it doesn’t make it any easier on you. Yes, you have children, fact, so live your life according to what is important to you as if each day were your last. Some people may say, “oh this is so morbid”. Is it not fact that some departed this life in the last 24 hours who did not see that yesterday would be their last day? It’s not morbid, it’s truth and we humans like to bend the truth to suit our most comfortable thought processes.

Tell our loved ones how much they mean to us, refute idle gossip and spitefulness. All our differing opinions and ideologies….all the battles that we wage against one another, do they matter in those final moments? I only want to believe that in those final moments, I lived as best a life I could by being kind to others, listening more without judgement, seeing the beauty of this world, appreciating the love that exists between us human beings. To grab the moment and see the beauty that exists in nature around us.

Death has a way of humbling arrogance, the milkman will turn to dust just like the lawyer or doctor. I applaud those who have specialised in a field to bring assistance to humanity. I see the confidence in people who have achieved so much through intelligence being used in the right way. It takes a long time to buy our soul back. Many don’t choose that opportunity. Many think in this very moment that they have ‘time’ to right the discomfort of truth. Many have thought that and never achieved it.

For years I had everything I could possibly want and I was miserable. My life was fickle and unappreciative. We try to keep up with all of the trinkets that people have and we ‘whore’ ourselves out to maintain this lifestyle. The more we have, the more we must maintain. To see ‘things’ for what they are. Impermanence. All the buildings we build will one day without maintenance or meaning crumble…..to treat them as places of change and impermanence.

Now, when I look outside the window at the little birds darting back and forth, the rain falling, the bursts of sunshine here and there, the dancing branches of the trees, when I hear the tweets of the little red, yellow and green birds going about their business, it is the music and moving slides of life. I may move about this great world but never again will I forget why I stopped living the way I did back when. Sometimes, I have to reflect to remind me why I made the changes I did. The hum of a top of the range car will never compete with the tweeting of birds. These simple little gifts of nature feed my soul.

To walk along the beach with a doggie, or fool around in the snow….On my travels I got to experience many undisturbed moments which helped me to appreciate life.

I chose this path. I would never turn away from this path, not for any job or wage packet because I know in the end it takes a huge amount of work to retain a true balance of life outside of mobile phones, work demands, material demands etc… not to miss a moment even as we need to earn our bread 🙂

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