Hallstatt Austria

“Climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow, till you find your dream” Sound of Music – Mother Abbess

She sat on the pinnacle of a mountain, yet there were many peaks higher, broader and more treacherous. She could turn back now and say, “I made it half the way”, or she could rest for a little while and then continue her journey upward. She knew the views would be astounding the higher she went.

Hallstatt Austria – A Village in the Mountains

She believed in these views, she believed that these views were the sweetest parts of the journey, but one had to get there to experience what few had.

So often in life we think that where we are is far enough. We settle for halfway down the mountain range. We idolise the small mountain, yet to tackle the ‘steep cliffs’ of the next part of our journey we need complete focus and discipline, seeing the small mountain for what it is, part of the journey. We can go cautiously with full focus thus minimising the slips, trips and falls or we can keep looking down / back and endure a more difficult journey. The perils lurk, ready to disrupt our rhythm. There will be perils but our carabiners have been bedded firmly into the rock from tumbles before. The carabiners need not be too firmly affixed that they cannot be removed for use higher up the climb. If we fix them too firmly, we may be stuck on any one part of the climb for a long time, for the rest of the time allocated to us.

The air is thicker at the bottom, the air is fresh and vibrant up here, it gets better as we ascend. Quality……

Tranquil Hallstatt

At points, we are overtaken by folks who lagged. It’s ok, we remember that we all require rest and recuperation to keep going. It is not a race but rather a continuous journey, enduring every moment, good or bad. First isn’t always best. Many who went quickly fell and never got to experience the heights further up. We all have different skills on this climb which we use to aid one another. Yet sometimes, the skills of others are simply not enough and they hang off our backpacks, almost pulling us off the rock face. Do we cut them loose? Who sets the pace?

The climb goes on ‘forever’, way beyond the rim of clouds that cannot be seen from the foot of the mountains. It never stops and when we ‘arrive’ a voice says “you’ve earned this view”.

Saltzburg, Austria

Of course the above is an analogy of life, how we choose to travel it and with whom. I decided a few years ago that life was too precious for me to live in a stale, stagnant, mundane fashion. Whilst we must have some process, some routine (especially when life responsibilities abound us), to stagnate like a dead skunk’s arse, would mean for me, living a dead life. Our climbs are all different. Comparison doesn’t help much when it comes to ‘things’ but we can take little bits from those who have found a formulae that works for inner peace. So many gurus have given us clear guidelines as to how we can find inner peace and we keep trying to reinvent the wheel and work it around conventional chatter.

When did we sit still, when did life become so cumulative making us forget about what life really has to offer? The cool, clear waters of an ocean, the running brook in a forest, the winds of a mountain plateau, the beautiful fruits in an orchard, the snow on a winter’s day, the birds in the sky on a sunny day as we lay on our backs, the laughter and hugs of loved ones? The above analogy does not refer one single bit to ‘things’, it refers to the inner workings of the spirit, it refers to our emotional and spiritual growth. It refers to our emotional and psychological growth as we keep loving, living, laughing, growing in strength by bending into the challenges rather than away from them. The rest will fall into place as a result.

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