This world is full of beauty because of individualism. Yet, I am sure if we ask every person if they want peace and love or war and suffering, the majority of individuals would opt for the first”. Addie Thomas

The yin and yang of life helps us to understand opposing sides. Red is red and green is green. Killing someone is wrong, being kind to someone is right. How would we understand all of this if we were all made exactly the same? My sister and I posed this question as we waited for ‘Postman Pat’ at the Public Gardens.

Different colours – Harming no one

There are individuals and organisations who are trying earnestly to maintain the ‘us and them’ scenario. Weaponry markets profit. Governments profit. Religious institutions profit. Stock markets profit. Differences don’t really matter until they matter. When do differences really matter?

I don’t care what a person looks like, what their house or car looks like, how many children they have, what job they are doing, what pennies they have in the bank. What I care about is how that person is spending their time. Learn from what you see in the heart of a person, not the stash in their wallet.

So when Governments suggest politically an ‘us and them’ scenario, look at what is being achieved. More weapons, more stockpiling, more money. Are we so different if ‘the shoe were on the other foot’? If we were a refugee fleeing Syria, would we want an ‘us and them’ scenario unless it was to assist in understanding how we can help those who are less fortunate?

A UN Conference Room where Leaders come together to discuss important differences

“She’s not my friend because she wears the wrong clothes”. So what if the woman has more colours on than a RSA flag? Look beyond the clothing, look to the person who may just be the kindest person you come across that day. I may be dressed in Gucci and have a heart as solid and cold as an ice cube out of the freezer. Differences which really matter.

I reflected on the space we create around differences this week. What differences are we inviting in which is healthy or harmful to our journeys?

I love the world because of contrasts. Nature has helped me to learn so much about appreciating differences. I can be different and still want happiness, peace and love. Can we enjoy these beautiful differences? Can we cease to look at the differences that people are creating to harm the process of peace and love?

Four guys – all different but they created some amazing music

Could we be aware of those differences which are really harming the planet and it’s occupants? What a world this would be if we could celebrate the differences which harm no one and highlight the differences which do.

Love your difference………….as long as you are not harming anyone, ignore those who seek petty differences to secure their own prisons and boxes. Notice what their judgement says about them.

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