Nature on St Helena Island

“If we waited for calendar dates, tradition or other people to celebrate life, the pauses may be long and arduous. Why wait for others to dictate the pace in life? Life is for the living now!”. Addie Thomas

Wednesday was my second day out strutting my stuff after surgery and I was feeling so good. The previous day was wonderfully uplifting to feel the ground beneath my feet, the wind (and sometimes droplets of rain) on my face, to hear the tweets from feathery friends and bask in the raw untapped beauty which is St Helena Island as I took to the ring road from Alarm Forest to Hutts Gate.

Take something away for a while and give it back and it comes back with such resounding power. Is that why they say, “don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone?”

I love the walk from Alarm Forest to Guinea Grass (which is kinda opposite ends of the island). The roads always offer exquisite quietude and I find more beauty to photograph.

I started the walk suggesting, “I’m only going to take photos of green things on this walk”, but that just doesn’t work when one is surrounded by a plethora of disparities making each detail more beautiful because of the contrasts.

Anyone ever watched A Beautiful Mind with Russell Crowe? A physicist / mathematician who suffered with schizophrenia. The long and the short of it being, he managed to live with it and thrive. In his speech in thanks for the Nobel Price in Sweden, he thanked one person, his wife. He said that no matter the equations / numbers …all numbers added up to one human outcome……love.

I thought about this movie as I passed animals and insects. I thought about how we sometimes race around looking to achieve the best that the world has to offer but what would any of this mean if we do not have love? If all we did was for achieving, amassing etc…what would be the point if we cannot show and receive love?

Hey come on! I’m sure all creatures feel some form of affection. Many may see it as brute obligation, nature, but love is natural.  

I found some sweet smelling Christmas lilies in my sister’s garden. They’re quite precious come Christmas time. Nostalgia always pays a visit when I inhale. Christmas lilies and honeysuckles and the smell is delightful. I suppose this could be one of my favourite home gardens on the island, a lot of hard work has gone into this garden over the years, tender, loving, hard work. Many people have said to me that they love coming home from a sweaty day at work and finding solace in the garden. Some suggest that they wouldn’t leave the boundaries of their home if duty did not call. I get that……nature is rest and relaxation.

It will be interesting to see if more people invest in gardens (especially vegetable gardens) in 2022. The fertile soil that the island enjoys is there for the taking. Shame to waste it and all that….

I know folks may think I’m being all ‘sickly’ when I talk about love. Especially when we come up against people who feel coldness because of their own blockages but that’s the point isn’t it? The yin and yang says that we know the difference to do better, to feel better. Love heals. I keep nagging you the reader about healthy love because I really do believe in it’s healing powers. Unhealthy emotions can cause stress, pain, illness.

There are certain things which I would like to continue to work on now. I have long since put paid to allowing New Year resolutions to be the game-changers. They are hyped and often fall flat within weeks. There is no time like the now to start the changes that we would like to welcome into our space. I don’t look for shifts to be about other people or crowds, if they are because of other people, it will mean that I keep handing my power to others. I won’t be getting plastered, this is no longer my idea of fun and a healthy and conscious life. I see what alcohol abuse is doing to this island and the world.

Health is really important as I celebrate the medical care I have received on the island and see the challenges that continue to face the world. I feel a passion for health as I believe that good health aids us as we turn up to tackle other life challenges. Mental Health is a factor that I reflect upon every day as we see the physical ailments and often ignore the psychological ailments. We will always be at a loss without good psychological health. The warnings are all there, try not to dismiss those ‘stop’ signs which can determine quality vs. quantity.

Other people’s reality doesn’t have to be our own, so as people continue to devalue their health with habitual abuse, know that this does not need to be you. Your healthy initiatives could be a shining light in this often careless world. I have to tackle the chocolate and the giant-sized portions!

Happy New Year. For me, 2022 is about continued personal and professional growth sprinkled with a lot of other human virtues that this world desperately needs. It’s a privilege.

Happy New Year!

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