It was a chilly morning on Wednesday 18th August 2021 as we all gathered to watch Gene Henry and his team re-launch the Nomadica on Saint Helena Island, Cheryl and Morgan’s yacht. “The Caribbean here we come!”

I had wanted to catch up with Gene for a while, as there’s ‘boys with toys’ and then there are ‘men with toys’. I had witnessed cranes manoeuvred within the Ring of Steel, the City of London when hoisting data for investment banks onto the rooftop plant rooms of glass buildings, fascinating. So much preparation and risk analysis.

How expertly Gene and the team manoeuvred Cheryl and Morgan’s sea home at the Ruperts Bay jetty. The precision was wonderful to watch. Well done guys. Real assets to the island.

Gene Henry – Crane Operator

I mentioned to Morgan that he looked so at ease jumping about the yacht, hanging off the various rails and masts like he was walking along the street. He simply said, “I am so excited to be going back to sea”.

The body of the vessel looked so sleek and I did giggle as the vessel was removed from the blocks and Morgan went to work on the last bit of painting to perfection, although we couldn’t help shouting out the age-old joke, “you missed a bit!”

“You missed a bit!”

A few days later, I met up with Cheryl and she said, “Addie, I had a bit of a tear later that day”. The realisation of saying goodbye to her Mum and Pete began to sink in. Whilst the relaunch was great to see, she had mentioned that she felt a bit sick – I know that feeling of nausea pending a big goodbye.

She’s Looking Good! Normadica

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