Lot's Wife Ponds St Helena Island

Going through photos of past walks, I realised that I had not posted the walk to Lots Wife’s Ponds or indeed Sharks Valley. Manati Bay can be found on sthelenaonline.org

So here we go for those who are planning to do some adventure walking on St Helena and are tired of the tourist brochures for budget holiday destinations 🙂

A fellow walker looking back on Sandy Bay Beach

What I love about this walk (like Shark’s Valley) is the collision of colours and of course the paddling pools. Many of these walks are a geologists playground. No matter where one goes on St Helena, you will see the various natural designs blasted from the fiery furnace of the once live volcano.

The paddling pools and reflections in them are dreamy. Its such a welcome treat to remove the shoes and dip the toes, or whole self into the cool clear waters of the Atlantic.

This is one of my favourite walks because there is also bird life along the way and the colour of the soil changes so quickly that if one does not stop to take a breath, one could almost miss the blended moment.

St Helena never ceases to amaze me, so much beauty in such a small space and I get to call this place home. Bonus!

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