Flowers on St Helena

“Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better”. Albert Einstein

I missed so much of life for a long time whilst looking through a fast paced, unappreciative, superficial lens. By the time I arrived on St Helena in 2020, I had spent so much time outdoors in quietude that I was ready to appreciate nature on the island better than ever before.

There are some incredible ‘green fingered’ people here on St Helena Island. One does not have to go far to see such perfection. I suspect that’s why my need for ‘things’ has dropped to an all time low because I get my fix from nature.

Eckhart Tolle often speaks of love through a flower. Now when I walk in nature, I understand what he means. These things are alive, growing, breathing, feeding, dying…just like the human species. Whether a leaf is anew, vibrantly peaked or crisp and browning with winter approaching, I love to witness the seasons and stages of life.

Radiant colours in the Saint Helena autumn sun

Now and then, I may find something out of the ordinary like a perfectly spun spider’s web or a busy little beer doing it’s thing. Bees are such wonderful ethical little creatures, and clever eh? Nature never fails in my estimation on the island, regardless of it’s colour, texture or purpose. I might be a little more cautious in the outback in Auz!

I would often drink tea at Sefton Park’s Palm House (Victorian Glass Building) in Liverpool, here, I saw a small space of ‘captured’ endemics. Whilst it was beautiful, coming from an island like St Helena, it didn’t have the same impact when we can just wonder freely here and see this beauty and heaps more, for free.

The flowers which I display here are only a percentage of what is available to enjoy here. The guys at ANRD and the National Trust have done an amazing job in protecting, preserving and promoting the island’s flora and fauna. As I ventured through the St Paul’s district, people had actually taken the time to nurture roadside gardens too, even though their homes weren’t in the immediate vicinity.

I have no idea which flowers are which by name but I do try to smell as many as I go along my way or feel their delicate little leaves. Do I need to know the name? That’s the thing about us humans, we have to label everything which often gets in the way of pure intoxicating appreciation, although I have to say that Morning Glories are my favourite 🙂

Napoleon’s Tomb

Shakespeare suggested that roses were the best flowers by far. I would beg to differ. Whilst they have been commercialised to such an extent and are indeed beautiful in their own right, the spice of life is variety thank you William and we all have our own unique selling points 🙂

Just when I think that I have seen all there is to see on the island I come across a flower which I have seen before but I have never seen before on that day, in that garden or on that pathway or at that stage in its life. That’s what catching the beauty of the moment means to me.

Pay heed to the moment – this is where life’s quality exists.

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