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On Thursday 02nd September 2021 (the same day the school started back and the little ones headed to Prince Andrew School for their first year- unfortunate name PAS) Tara Wortley, Christine Thomas, Lawson Henry, Alan Bennett and Jackie Leo assembled at Saint FM to talk.

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The discussion was initially centred around the new Ministerial Government but then it broke out into all sorts, especially education, business opportunities, labour work force, working together, Covid on the Falklands and Alan Bennett’s ability to marry just about anyone!

As a presenter, I felt an incredible amount of enthusiasm. I’m not sure whether it’s because for once in a long time, I am trying to be part of the solution as opposed to constantly giving advice without a damn understanding of the inner workings of the system.

It was great to have a collection of ages (and maturity …or the lack of it as in the case of Alan B and I). Big thanks to Lawson, I know you have weathered many a storm, you may have your critics but I didn’t sit in that hot seat, so I’ll reserve judgement.

There was so much I wanted to ask this group that we did not get around to completing the circuit, so I am going to ask them back on 7th October 2021 at 11 am (date possible to change).

Who are you voting for this coming General Election? The message is, “consider very carefully and listen even more carefully to avoid a term of frustration and non-accountability”.

Watch this space……….

Lawson – Terminator – “Ill be back”

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