Shark's Valley St Helena Island

It’s always nerve wrecking when one joins a group for the first time, even if it is among your own ‘Saints’. Ed Thorpe makes it much easier by being very mindful of ‘newbies’. He really is like a ‘Mother Hen’ at times but once you’re fully-fledged he turns his attention to others who are newbies.

Once again the colours and natural formation of things allures

On any of these walks one could be going through a tunnel, under a thicket, through streams, on a delicate cliff edge etc. I love that the paths have not been overly trodden where we have lost the natural vestige of evolution. Water, the one element which takes advantage of the permeable and leaves wonderful sculptures.

Not quite Olympic sized but it will do the job!

Whilst others went swimming I preferred to befriend the local fish. The bread helped of course to encourage them and even I got a full pedicure done!

As the cool weather starts to ease with the approach of October, the walks will become more challenging. Walks in heats of 30 degrees plus in mid-summer (Jan – Apr) can take a toil on the water reserves (especially if you forget to bring some with you Rob!) and so although the sky hasn’t always been a piercing blue or the sea a brilliant aquamarine, I’ve taken advantage where possible of the cooler conditions.

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