Festival-of-Lights St Helena Island

“Be the light that others so desperately need”. Addie Thomas

As the world continues to navigate restrictions, St Helena Island celebrated their annual Festival of Lights in the lead up to Christmas 2021. Children, adults, Father Christmas and his Elves gathered to light up the streets of Jamestown.

I was pleased to see that Micky and Minnie Mouse also made an effort! It wouldn’t have been the same without them!

It’s been one heck of a year, I will not forget the two Christmases that I have spent on the island (this could be my last for a little while) and what it meant to residents and visitors alike.

It was so wonderful to see vacationers making the most of a Christmas in the South Atlantic, away from the blistering cold of the North and with family that perhaps many have not seen for a very long time.

The streets were lined with well wishers, everyone jamming, especially when Melvin Benjamin’s dressed van pumped it’s way through. Dear Father Christmas and his Elves broke down (I think) by the Baptist Church but not for long as I am sure I saw them at the Grand Parade eventually.

What was so wonderful to see was the little girls and boys (and toddlers) in their rigs. Christmas is about many things but very much the children. Their little starry eyes were gleaming, this was one party that both adults and children could appreciate.

I thought back over days when I was a child and we had the Christmas Eve parade from the hospital through the streets, unfortunately, I remember being very scared by Freddy Kimbo (Father Christmas) and the other man (don’t know who he was) who wore the black mask. I also remember the parade being very slow as too many alcohol pit-stops were made. I enjoyed the live music though. Bless.

So much goes into the preparation of this event. Pilling Middle School really have stolen the show when it comes to calendar events throughout the year. One can see the amount of preparation which goes into everything. Jamestown gets packed out during this event.

As the year reaches it’s conclusion I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who made me feel at home on the island. Too many people to mention. Special thanks to sister Tammy, Gavin and Mum. Your love and kindness has been much appreciated.

Thank you to everyone who made this event happen. You brought happiness to the lives of many. Three Cheers for Elaine Benjamin and the team! These kinds of events remind me why the island is such a special place.

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