Turn your wounds into wisdom”. Oprah Winfrey

A week ago, Liam Fuller, Ian Rummery and I did a program on domestic abuse. This was in a lead up to White Ribbon Day on 25th November. The White Ribbon Campaign also did various programs on Saint FM Community Radio to raise awareness around the subject.

In the lead up to the program, the research needing to be done through reading, engaging, listening etc created a heavy feeling inside of me. This is a subject that I know too well, anger and aggression. It evoked painful memories.

There are so many types of abuse, even as you read this, someone is suffering. It doesn’t have to be violence, it can be emotional and psychological abuse which often, cannot be seen. It may be financial abuse. When a person is hurting another, they too are hurting.

To create a society of more support and understanding and less judgement and secrecy. To create a society where people feel safe and empowered to speak out and step away from harmful situations.

So much work goes into these campaigns and we can never rest on our laurels. Normalising this kind of behaviour must be brought to an end.

On Thursday 25th November people marched through Jamestown with a shout “No more Violence!” It was so encouraging to see many guys among the the marchers. ‘Speaking with their feet’.

Thank you to all those people who speak bravely about this subject not just one day or one week a year but all year round, never forgetting that abuse happens every moment of every day throughout the world.

Let us heal together.

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